Air Quality Index at New York reaches to alarming stage, Overtakes New Delhi

Due to Canadian fires, New York City has the worst air quality index among significant cities worldwide, according to the National Weather Service Report.

New York City had the highest levels of air pollution among significant cities worldwide on Wednesday morning, surpassing even New Delhi, India, as per IQAir.

The air quality index (AQI) reached 342 US AQI till the afternoon exceeding the recommended exposure level given by the World Health Organization. This level is considered to be significantly unhealthy and hazardous for everyone.

New York Mayor Eric Adam tweeted to limit outdoor activities to the absolute necessities.

An advisory has also been issued from his office, stating: 

“If you’re a New Yorker with heart or breathing issues, be careful when you’re outdoors. Smoke from wildfires in Canada impacts our city’s air quality, so an Air Quality Health Advisory has been issued. Try to limit outdoor activities today to the absolute necessities.”

This situation may still persist for couple of days.

People were worried and shared their concerns over social media.

People also shared DIY solution to combat this air quality issue:

Here are some tips to prevent your loved ones from unhealthy air:

  • Check daily air quality index in your area.
  • Avoid outdoor exercising, and limit outdoor play time of your children.
  • Reduce energy use in your home which can help in improving air quality.
  • Don’t smoke indoors and support all public places to be tobacco-free.
  • Don’t burn wood or trash nearby to your home.
  • Share a ride or use public transport or walk.

The AQI changes from hour to hour, morning to evening, day to day and season to season. So, on days when air quality is poor, limit your family’s time outside. Plan outdoor activities based on the AQI report and avoid spending time in areas with a lot of traffic.

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