After Legal Notice Sent by Cadbury, Health Influencer Take Down the Video

The health and nutrition influencer who posted a video on Instagram criticising Bournvita’s dangerous components was sent with a legal letter by its producer Cadbury.

Revant Himatsingka, who runs the food pharmer Instagram account, posted a one-minute review of Bournvita. He began by displaying the front package of Bournvita, which states “Active Brain, Strong Muscles, Strong Bones, and Immune System” as advantages. He then stated that prior to the Covid pandemic, they did not advertise Bournvita as being beneficial to immunity. He said that they had made no modifications to their product but had added immunity since it was selling well.

He stated it contains sugar, cocoa solids, which is basically chocolate, and colour (150C), which he explained is caramel colour that is notorious for promoting cancer and lowering immunity. “Liquid glucose, which is sugar again, and maltodextrin, which is another fancy word for sugar,” he asserted. “They also have emulsifier 471, which is made from glycerine, to extend their shelf life,” he explained.

Himatsingka apologised to Bournvita and stated on Instagram, “I have decided to remove the (Bournvita) video after receiving a legal notice from one of India’s largest law firms on April 13.” I sincerely sorry to Cadbury for producing the video. I did not mean to infringe on any trademark or slander any firm, nor do I have the motivation or money to participate in any court actions, and I respectfully beg that MNCs not pursue this legally.”

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