After 10 Months in Jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu can Walk Freely in Punjab  

The politician-turned-cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu will be released from Patiala Central Jail on April 1 with everything ready. On his Twitter account, Sidhu’s social media staff provided confirmation. This is to notify everyone that Sardar Navjot Singh Sidhu will be released from Patiala Jail tomorrow, the tweet stated, dispelling any lingering concerns about the Congress leader’s release after serving a year in prison for his role in a 1988 case of road rage.

Senior Congressmen Laal Singh and Mohinder Singh Kaypee paid Sidhu a visit in prison on Friday. The two talked to Sidhu for almost 30 minutes. “The workers are eager to welcome the firebrand leader, who is known for his oratory skills,” Laal Singh said after exiting. Sidhu is prepared to resurrect the party both in the state and nationwide.

He experiences a 45-day remission, he will be freed on April 1. On May 16, he is due to be released from custody. Because of his excellent behaviour, Sidhu might be released early on April 1st, according to jail officials.

His fans waiting outside the jail have also organised “Dhol” players to greet the former cricketer-turned-politician. Sidhu’s son, Karan Sidhu, told the media on Saturday that the family has been anxiously awaiting his release from custody. He claimed that although the family had gone through a difficult period, they were now relieved to see him leave jail. To welcome him, Sidhu’s supporters set up numerous posters and hoardings of him throughout Patiala city.

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