Aamir Khan tricked !!


Who does not like ice creams? Be it a 5-year-old kid or a popular actor, everyone loves having a slurpy scoop of ice cream. Aamir Khan is one of the most famous actors of Bollywood. Recently he posted a video where he is waiting for his ice cream in Turkey. This video went viral as soon as it was uploaded. The actor was waiting for his treat at one of the ice cream shops where the vendor tricked him, making him wait FOREVER while pulling tricks from under their sleeves while preparing for cones.

Aamir Khan captioned the video with “Sabar ka phall meetha (The fruits of patience are sweet to taste). Lovely Turkish ice cream :-)”.

Many people reacted to this hilarious video. Some tweets are:

Aahahahha Aamir Love You😂😍

It’s very innovative way to serve ice-cream 🍦 really funny 😀

Watch his video here:


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