A Massive Train Accident in MP 1 Died and 3 Injured

The collision of two freight trains at Singhpur Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh this morning results in the death of one loco driver. A severe accident turned carriages upside down and ignited motors. Upon impact, one train mounted the other. Two rail workers may be stuck there.

At 6.30 am, the accident happened when a coal-loaded freight train overshot its signal at the station and rammed into another. On the Bilaspur-Katni route, all services have been halted.

One of the trains’ loco pilot was killed in the crash, and numerous passengers were stranded after the engine caught fire.At least three additional railway workers were hurt in addition to the loco pilot’s death. The incident’s victims have been taken urgently to hospitals, and the fire has since been put out.

The disaster happened as a result of a signal overshoot. At the station, one of the trains was merely standing on the tracks as the second one approached and struck it. At least three train coaches flipped as a result of the train’s crash. As soon as the accident happened, firefighters, police, and railway officials arrived on the scene.

The South-East Central Railway Division is responsible for Singhpur Railway Station. Following the incident, a number of other trains were either canceled or temporarily suspended. 

Trains have been impacted on the Bilaspur-Katni route. The clearing of the rails is now in progress, although it could take some time, according to officials. Only after an investigation can the whole facts of what caused the incident be discovered, they continued.

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