A 10-year-old hacked Instagram And Facebook gave him $10,000 As Reward

A 10-year-old found a major flaw in Instagram, earning him a cool $10,000 from Facebook.

Jani figured out a way to get into Instagram’s servers and delete text posted by Instagram users

Jani was rewarded $10,000 by Facebook as part of its bug bounty program, which offers cash rewards to people who find bugs and flaws in Facebook’s digital infrastructure. That includes the Facebook-owned Instagram.

He could delete what people wrote
The boy told Iltalehti that he could delete what people wrote demonstrating it to Instagram by deleting a comment they made on a test account. Jani said he could even delete Justin Bieber’s comments with the flaw he found.

According to the boy’s father, Jani and his twin brother have found security flaws in websites before, but they haven’t been significant enough to justify a payout, until this one.

We hope Jani just doesn’t hack our Instagram accounts.

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