4 possible reasons why Deepa Sharma slapped Omji Maharaj on IBN7

Most NEWS channels these days have become a medium for Info-tainment. There is hardly any news on any channel and breaking news is usually about Politics or Violence. Live debates have become an essential part of the programming. More the people shout, better the TRPs. This reached a new level when two guests started throwing blows at each other on a debate about Radhe Maa, on IBN7.

There could be Four Reasons for this incident to happen:
1) This was as scripted a program as most we see on Indian TV.
2) Both Omji and Deepa Sharma had a ‘Prahar Sankat Yoga’ in their Horoscopes.
3) Omji is Deepa Sharmas husband that she left 3 years back, fearing a beating.
4) Both Omji and Deepa Sharma are hand in glove and did this to get a pie of the Multi Billion Astrology market.

Jokes aside, its a sad state that we are so used to making fun of people and issues on Social Media that we feel its our right to demean anyone, anytime and at any forum. Live or Virtual. It is indeed very foolish on part of Omji to comment on Deepa Sharmas personal life and of Deepa Sharma to attack him physically.
Om Shanti!!

NOTE: This story is a comical expression of the writers views on the incident.

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