20 Killed and a few were Injured in a Bus Accident in Saudi Arabia

A crowded bus that struck a bridge, crashed, and caught fire on Monday in southwest Saudi Arabia killed at least 20 people. Only months before millions of people are anticipated to participate in the annual hajj pilgrimage, the disaster happened during the first week of 

Ramadan, a busy time for Umrah Pilgrimages.

broadcast footage of the bus’ burned-out wreckage and said that 29 other persons were hurt in the collision. It claimed that the brakes on the car failed, causing a collision in Yemen’s southwest Asir province.

During the first week of Ramadan, when the pious fast from sunrise till sunset, the crash took place. During the Muslim holy month, a lot of people travel to attend nocturnal feasts with family and friends. will contribute to the nation’s economic diversification away from its dependency on fossil fuels.

A similar incident was reported in 2019

In a prior bus accident near Medina in 2019, 35 foreigners were murdered and four others were hurt. Even with the risks, pilgrimages are still very important.

Transportation remains a problem for Saudi’s during Hajj days

During the Hajj, Saudi Arabia faces significant logistical and transportation issues as the country’s roads become clogged with traffic. The problem is revealed as millions of Muslims prepare to leave on their yearly hajj pilgrimage in the coming months. 

However, pilgrimages are a vital part of a booming tourism industry that Saudi Arabia believes will lessen the reliance of the country’s economy on fossil resources.

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