10 Independence day Picture posts on Twitter that caught our eye.

India has a long history of festivals as a means of uniting the society and encouraging the spirit of collective celebrations. Even as India went under the Mughals and then the British for several Hundred years, the social bonding that Festivals brought about kept the Bharatiya spirit alive. After Independence and more so recently the Independence day has become one of the most celebrtaed Festivals although Independence Day is now more of a Marketing and Political agenda.

Companies, Organisations, Individuals and Political parties, all, dont want to be left behind in taking a pie of the Social media mentions and eyeballs. here are some that we came across and found interesting:

Companies plan product launches to coincide with Independence day. #Mercedes launched its colourful range of SUVs. MakeMyTrip created and shared a graphic video to share their message on IDay.

Here is one Guitar rendition of the Indian National Anthem that you would definitely like.

OR https://soundcloud.com/nigel-britto/jana-gana-mana

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