Why wordpress is best for corporate websites ?

WordPress is a web software that provides a platform for it’s users to create highly functional websites and blogs.

It was launched in 2003 as a blogging software and has now evolved into a full content management system which has so much to offer to it’s users through thousands of plugins, widgets and themes.

WordPress holds an important place on the web today, study has shown that 18.9% of all websites are created using wordpress and around 75 million websites depend upon it.

Built on one of the most common programming language PHP, WordPress also uses HTML, CSS and a little Javascript for various aspects.

One does have to be an expert of PHP to use WordPress, the open source CMS makes website building using WordPress possible for anyone that has some basic internet skills.

Here are some benefits of making WordPress Software as a choice for Corporate Companies to develop websites :

  • Cost Effectiveness : WordPress is available for free on the web, but the web hosting and domain do have some charges, there are also some additional costs for plugins, but the resources are worth investing because of the diverse choices of designs available.
  • Open Source : What makes WordPress the best choice for platform of website development is that it is open source in nature, the developers do not have to start their work from scratch, they can use the already written code without having to start from the beginning.
  • Widespread Supporting Community : A large number of people are involved in the wordpress domain, the technology is supported by thousands of designers, developers and enthusiasts.
  • SEO Friendly : WordPress creates SEO friendly web pages, the code used to build the website is simple and constant which makes it found easily in google search, customization can be done for the SEO components of each page, the user is given full control in context of  ranking of the pages for  search engines.
  • No Technical Expertise Required : Development on WordPress platform does not require deep understanding and knowledge of any technical discipline, it can be easily used by people with no technical background, other CMS and frameworks available in the market require familiarity with languages like HTML, PHP, CSS etc but this is not the case with WordPress.
  • Fast Development Speed : WordPress makes creating and using of  Webpages a fast process, API’s are available that are used to create interfaces, applications and websites, the drag and drop functionality makes developing websites much faster.
  • Responsive Nature : Wordpress created sites are mobile responsive, they also work on tablets as well as other small screen devices to promote the cause of the business.
  • Automatic Updation : Automatic notifications are generated from time to time, the updation takes place at a click of the mouse and the process is not hectic at all. 
  • E-commerce Options : Many e-commerce integrations are available that are suitable for sites and applications of all sizes, some free basic plug-ins are also there. The Woocommerce plugin that comes free with WordPress is the most used e-commerce solution in the world, it is used to sell anything while providing complete control to both store owners and developers.

WordPress development is used by many big brands today such as MTV News, Sony Music, BBC America for their websites, one of the leading Indian news brand IBN Live has also used WordPress for it’s business site,  it is an in-trend development software that makes the process of development easy and convenient.

The professionialism of a WordPress developing firm depends upon their hold on the PHP programming language since the development is based on the infrastructure of PHP programming, a deep understanding of WordPress Core and library is also required.

Some companies hold a lot of experience in the WordPress development domain, they offer service for Website Development using WordPress at genuine prices. One can contact them for further guidance and assistance on WordPress Development Services.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.

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