Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications a.k.a apps are softwares designed to provide mobile users services that are available on Laptops and PC’s.

They are programs that run on devices such as phones and tablets.

The apps are made while keeping in mind the the specifications of the devices on which they have to be run and the cause of the business for which they are created. They serve various purposes ranging from entertainment, gaming, healthcare to news, navigations etc.

Today every business entity has it’s own website and mobile app, apps help the business by awareness generation and also helps in creating revenues, they are more interactive in nature and provide to the point information as compared to websites.

Earlier software applications were first made for laptops and pc’s followed by a mobile application version, the trend has changed now, number of people using mobiles is much more than that of people using laptops and pc’s, developers first make mobile versions of softwares and then the websites are created for big screens.

Mobile Apps are categorized mainly into the following categories :

  • Web Apps : Applications that run on internet browsers on mobiles are called web apps, they are not downloaded from app store, one just needs an internet connection to access them.They are created using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, development of web apps is easy as compared to Mobile Apps since the development does not require Software Development Kit.

    Since the development process is simple and quick, one can test his or her product idea using Web Apps before investing in Mobile Application Development.

    Web apps are nothing but responsive versions of the website for any mobile device.

  • Mobile Apps : The apps that we download from an app store are called as Mobile Apps.  There are two kinds of Mobile Apps : Native and Hybrid.

    Native Apps :
    Native Apps are written in platform specific languages, example iOS Apps are created on Swift or Objective-C, Android Apps are created on JAVA, Window Phone apps are made on C#.User Experience of the Native Apps is the fast, reliable and most responsive.

    Hybrid Apps : Native App and Web App combine to form Hybrid App, the Hybrid App gets installed like a Native App but is a web app from inside.

    Hybrid Apps are created using Javascript, HTML and CSS, they are run in Webview, a simplified browser version within the application.

    Hybrid Applications are used by people for testing the Mobile Apps before actually investing in the costly process of development.

There are various cases in which a person has an idea for an app but he is not sure whether people will like his idea or not, the person is also on a budget and has limited financial resources, using Hybrid Apps the users can be provided with something that is closely related to the desired Application, something which the users can test, give feedback and based on the feedback, the person can move forward with the development cycle of the app.

Web apps can serve this purpose but Hybrid Apps also allow you to test the download process from app store and other download related services.

As more and more Companies and Businesses see their customer base shifting  from big screens to small screens, mobile application development companies like IT Combine have enhanced their development team so that their clients not only cope up with the market competition, but are also able to stand out individually.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.

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