These 300 robots are winning hearts


Have you ever heard of Kung Fu? It is pretty cool, huh? Which is your favorite Kung Fu movie? Well, what about Robots performing the martial arts.
Yes, here it is. In Harbin, China, as many as 300 robots performed martial arts. It was during the opening ceremony of the sixth TRCC China Robot Creative Design Competition on 15th September, Friday. The robots and the martial arts masters were performing Kung Fu in perfect coordination.
TRCC China Robot Creative Design Competition was a three-day skill competition in the provincial capital of northeast China’a Heilongjiang Province, Harbin. Around 500 robotic teams took part in the competition and were a part of various gymnastic and athletic competition, according to the organizers of the competition. These 300 robots left the audience in awe.
Earlier too, Kung Fu- performing robots have amazed people in China. In a talent show, called “Amazing China” around 108 robots surprised and amazed audience and judges of the show. These robots performed the Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi and also danced on the soundtrack of the movie-Fearless, directed by Jet Li.
This year only in August, 1,069 robots broke a Guinness World Record for the “most robots dancing simultaneously” in China. All the robots were named Dobi and were made by a Chinese Company, WL Intelligent Technology. They performed a perfectly coordinated dance at Guangdong in China.

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