Ranking of the countries as per their healthcare system

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan which is also known as Aayushmaan Bharat, the National Health Protection Mission.  The prime minister said that this is the world’s largest health scheme ever launched by the government; the population, that equals to the 28-European countries, would be served.

In this health insurance scheme governed by the government of India, the family would be benefited with 5 Lakh yearly in any government as well as private hospitals in India. This scheme is regulated for the poor and economically deprived country people of India where around fifty Crore citizen of India would get the benefit of that scheme along with the 10.74 Crore beneficiary.

During the “The Day” of launching of this health scheme prime minister said that, for the amelioration of healthcare industry the government has taken a positive stride and also it laid on preventive healthcare.

He also added that the number of Aayushman Bharat scheme beneficiary is equal to the population of Mexico, Canada and United States when they put together.

Ranking of Healthcare system countrywise

In a recent report, that was generated by a publication from Commonwealth Fund, the healthcare system and their ranking depending upon the benefits they include, how many number of beneficiaries got positively affected and the output was revealed, that stunned everyone.

In the ranking, United States was at the last out of the eleven respective countries, it failed to achieve its goal, of the best healthcare system, results like it did same in the year 2007, 2006, and 2014.

In the year 2017, another report came out, and in it, the rank of the US’s healthcare system was the same.

But with the ranking report, that was published by the World Health Organization, called World’s 100 best health systems, an astonishing output came. According to that report, France ranked number one, Italy was at number two, and shockingly United Kingdom was at 18 and USA ranked at 37 respectively.


After the successful launch of Aayushman Bharat, all the political personnel posted their views via twitter:




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