A Pregnant Woman’s request to PM Modi to end ‘Triple Talaq’

Image result for triple talaqA woman in the end of her first trimester of pregnancy has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi fearing that her husband will abandon her children and her if she gives birth to another girl.

In her message to the Prime Minister, she requested him to bring an end to the ‘Triple Talaq’ – an Islamic tradition, where a man just has to utter the word ‘talaq’, or divorce thrice in order to leave his wife, and a woman has no say in the matter of ‘triple talaq’ and doesn’t even have to pay any maintenance or alimony.

Apart from her letter to Prime Minister Modi, she has also sent a copy of it to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.Shagufta, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur claims that her in-laws have been pressuring her to abort the fetus. They ‘fear’ she might give birth to another girl. She also alleges that her husband has verbally divorced her and thrown her out of the house.

The Uttar Pradesh police have filed a FIR and have initiated an investigation on the matter.

In her letter, Shagufta said she was married to Shamshad, a resident of Budhakheda village, for five years. They have two daughters. Angry over her third pregnancy, her in-laws allegedly want her to abort her three-month-old fetus. Their reason: she may give birth to a girl again. She also alleges that she was assaulted by her in-laws and her husband, who gave her ‘triple talaq’ (verbal divorce) and threw her out of the house after she refused to abort. In her letter, she wrote that Shamshad had also hit her in the stomach in an attempt to kill the fetus.

Shamshad and his brothers Naushad, Zafar Ali and Iliyas have been booked for attempting to prevent a child from being born, under section 315 of the Indian Penal Code. She has been sent for medical examination, a police official said.

However, the Muslim board has requested the Supreme court not to interfere in the Triple Talaq issue.


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