Photographer Dies On Assignment In Jhansi. R.I.P

The Indian Express photographer, Ravi Kanojia, was electrocuted on the railway tracks that proved fatal while on an assignment in Jhansi, UP. News of his death sent shock waves in the photography industry.

Ravi Kanojia had recently bought a flat, and a new car. Having secured himself, he was seriously considering marrying and settling down

say, friends and colleague.

Ravi left for Jhansi early Monday morning to cover the drought situation in Bundelkhand for The Indian Express.

Apparently, Ravi was shooting a 10-wagon train filled with water that has been stationed at Jhansi since the past four days as the Uttar Pradesh insists it has no need for this from the Centre. He was attempting to get a high-angle shot from an elevation when he was electrocuted by a high-tension wire.

All we can say is be careful while doing any work, be it a photographer or anyone else.
You’re Life is precious.

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