Negligence took life of an Officer, beheaded by Helicopter Fan on Kedarnath’s Helipad

On sunday’s afternoon, an officer of UCADA hitted by helicopter’s fan blade and died on spot.

The Kedarnath Yatra is going to start soon so preparation and arrangements is on peak for pilgrims. There is a company which provide helicopter service to kedarnath from Sirsi.      

On sunday, few officers and CEO of that UCADA were there for inspection of arrangements. The deceased officer,Amit saini was also there. He was finance control officer of uttarakhand aviation authority.

He was going back to dehradun along with other officers. He was entering in helicopter from back door which is against safety protocol. He was even asked by pilot not to climb from back door but he neglected the directions given by pilot.

Few people who were at distance and could see the scenario and danger shouted but the officer could not hear because of loud noise of helicopter. 

This small negligence took his life. The hit on his neck was so intense that he died on spot.

Now, the system is on pressure as this type of accident is not being considered as good sign as it happened just before arrival of heavy number of pilgrims in kedarnath.

The helicopter system is on alert now for safety because the fan of helicopter is always on when passanger enter into it so it is main concern now to direct the people so that this kind of incident could not occur again.

 *Few witness of this incident told to media and officials that Amit was taking selfie standing on helicopter’s door

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