Messi Retires! Messi retirement breaks internet. Social Media on boils on News of Messi Interview about leaving Argentina FA. Mexit!

I was wondering the other day that One day, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will retire and normalcy will come back to football. Then, records will stay for years and not get shuffled around every week.
Hat-tricks will again become the highlight of a player’s season and not an expectation on every match.
A half century goals in a single season will be something to tell the grand-kids about and not just another seasonal target to be met. The Ballon D’or would become a FIFA prize again, rather than the personal property of two men.
Until that day, guys, let’s stop comparing and enjoy the show whilst it lasts….

The One way would come so soon, no one expected as Messi announced his retirement from Argentina FA. He missed the penalty that could have put one hand on the #CopaAmerica Trophy. This time the responsibility seems to be directly his.

It was going fine till Messi caused a red card expulsion of a Chilean player, but once both teams were down to 10 men, Argentina seemed to loose steam. The resultant Panelties started well with Vidal missing the opener for Chile, but then Messi returned the favour.

Messi said in his announcement of retirement “That’s already four finals. I’ve tried a lot. It’s what is most wanted. For me, it’s done.” Messi was visibly drained and devastated, but there are lot of years in him to help Argentina get a Trophy and hope he reconsiders his decision soon.

But then, some players do not need a trophy to be the greatest. Messi is one of them.

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