India’s Youngest Pilot At The Age Of 16; Inspiration For Many Women.

Meet Ayesha Aziz, the Girl Who Became India’s Youngest Pilot at the Age of 16.

Most people get their driving license at 18. Ayesha Aziz got her flying license at the age of 16. To which she says,

“More than being India’s youngest pilot, I am happy for having accomplished my childhood goal.”

Ayesha is based in Mumbai, but her family is originally from Kashmir, where they would go twice or thrice a year.

“While I would enjoy take-off and landing of the plane, my brother would be scared and always sleep during the flight.”

Ayesha entered flying school right after Class X. After taking her ground classes, clearing five viva sessions, and turning 16, she had her student pilot’s license.

Her fans made her an inspiration;

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