“I made rapists beg for forgiveness.”, Uma Bharti

Union Minister of water resources Uma Bharti has stirred a controversy after she said that rapists should be tortured in front of the victims while campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.

Bharti, while referring to the Bulandshahr gang rape of a woman and her daughter by robbers in August 2016, said, “Rapists should be tortured in front of the families of the victims until they beg for forgiveness. They should be hung upside down and beaten till their skin comes off. Salt and chilli should be rubbed on their wounds so that they scream for their lives. That is what I had got done when I was the chief minister (of Madhya Pradesh from 2003 to 2004).”

She also revealed that when a police officer objected to such treatment of the culprits, “I told him people who behave like ‘danav‘ (demons) have no human rights. Their heads should be cut off like Ravana’s”. 

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