How to make your website UI superior

Understanding completely what a person wants to get done is the most important requirement of designing.

To get a design right, you need to know how a person uses something. The goal of the person and the procedure he/she is going to follow to achieve that goal should also be known .

Designing is dynamic in nature, a lot of creative thinking is involved in the process, the results are unpredictable but the goals and ideas have to be well-defined.

A successful design is based on the following three pillars :

  1. Guidelines and processes should be well documented.
  2. User Interface creation using Software Tools.
  3. Usability Testing Approved and based on Expert reviews.

Here are some Designing Tips :

  • Responsive Designs :  A larger customer base is tapped using Responsive Designs, responsive designing means providing a pleasant mobile experience and is an important aspect.
  • Simplicity is the key : The design of the site has to be kept clean, simple and flat,  an adverse impact can be created sometimes while trying to impress customers with an overload of flash and animations.
  • Contact process should be easy : The Contact Us button should be clearly visible, it is the second point to be checked after impressing the user, the location of the Contact us button and the Contact information by the customer should not be a tedious process.
  • Organization of InformationThe content should be organized in the most comprehensible manner on a single screen or should be adjusted sequentially through many screens in a pleasant way, the architecture of the information is a very important point.
  • Graphic Design : The design of the site and the theme of the business should be relevant to create a stronger impact on the mind of the users.

The perception of the website by people depends upon the color, balance, composition and overall look of the service. Beautifully crafted objects have higher rate of acceptance in the market, the task completion rate is also high and higher net promoting scores.

The website should be fast, highly responsive to user interactions like clicking and scrolling, it makes the website more enjoyable to use, users get frusturated due to sluggish and slow pages and leave the task in between, they may also never return to the site again and the impression created on them of the business is not very good. A good designed website will be worthless if it is slow to load.

It’s important to understand these different tips because they all need to get done simultaneously to deliver a product or service.
These tips have to be understood well as all these points need to be covered for an efficient UI of a website.

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) is the responsibility of the Web Designer, the proper solution for a website is given by a web designer.

A Web Designer acts as a Project Manager for a Web Project. There are certain key roles of a web designer, a good web designer is must for a website having a good User Interface, some of the key responsibilities of a web designer are :

  1. Content writing and editing.
  2. Webpage layout design creation.
  3. Understanding desired technical functionalities.
  4. Website Updation.
  5. Backup file creation and mentainance.
  6.  Code problem solving.

Some Web Development companies  provide their clients with the service of superior UI for their websites, they genuinely believe that UI is the most important part of a website and their Designing team strives to provide the best result for their clients.


The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.


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