Giant Wheel In Chennai’s Amusement Park Crashed In The Middle Of A Ride

An accident on a revolving Giant Wheel called the disco dancer in Chennai’s amusement park has left one person dead and at least seven injured. A camera caught the giant wheel abruptly toppling down from a height of 15 feet in the middle of a ride.

The ride crashing after completing a couple of rounds.

The disco dancer was one of the top rides at the Kishkinta amusement park but had been damaged during the recent floods in the city.

The 20-odd people on the giant wheel at the time of the accident were workers who had been asked to take the ride as part on a trial run. Many even said that they were reluctant to get on the ride, but were forced to go.

The local police have arrested the owner and manager of the amusement park on charges of criminal negligence.

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