Gautam Gambhir about playing National Anthem

Gautam Gambhir, an Indian cricketer, recently became a part of the ongoing debate on whether the National Anthem should be played in movie theaters before the movie starts or not.

There are people who think that playing the National Anthem is a must and some think otherwise. The remarks by Supreme Court judge Justice D Y Chandrachud over playing the national anthem before the start of a film once again triggered a debate.

Gautam Gambhir too joined the debate when he tweeted “Standin n waitin outsid a club:20 mins.Standin n waitin outsid favourite restaurant 30 mins.Standin for national anthem: 52 secs. Tough?”

This tweet got replies of all kinds. Some favored his views and some totally spoke against it.

Here are the replies that the cricketer’s tweet got:


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