Chetan Bhagat on Crackers Ban

chetan bhagat

The Supreme Court in India has recently given out a decision of banning the burning of crackers on Diwali on Monday in Delhi-NCR. Through this, the court is hoping that the rates of pollutions that have been constantly increasing would at least decrease during the festival of Diwali. Every year the air and noise pollution increase at exorbitant rates.

This decision has given way to a lot of debates over the topic and the Supreme court has gathered a lot of criticism for itself by giving out this decision of banning the firecrackers on Diwali.

On one hand, the doctors and environmentalists have favoured the Supreme Court’s decision and said that this might help ensure a cleaner Diwali and have a ‘positive impact’ on the health of people but on the other, there are a lot of people who have opposed it and have been criticising the ban and arguing that since Diwali is a festival of lights and burning the crackers is part of its tradition, Supreme Court should take back its decision and remove the ban.

Among people opposing the decision is the best-selling author, @Chetan Bhagat, who posted tweets on his account stating his views that “What’s Diwali for children without crackers?” These are the following tweets by Chetan Bhagat:

One of the twitter users has replied to this saying:

Another one said:

Amidst this @Shashi Tharoor also didn’t spare Chetan Bhagat. When Chetan Bhagat said that “And w all respect who decides on what makes a part of a celebration, done for generations, suddenly unholy? And the courts should ban it?”, Shashi Tharoor replied :


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