“Aaj Thoda so Lete hain” video by Wakefit raises an issue of Sleep which is usually ignored by all.


#Sleepindiasleep is trending on Twitter after a video posted by Wakefit. In this video, Ayushmann Khurana is talking about the issue of Indians with sleep in his unique poetic way. 

It is really a matter of concern that in this fast-forwarding world, People started to compromise their sleeping hours to match the speed of their society. Sleep directly affect our learning and concentration power, immunity and our eating habits. Sleep deprivation affects our physical and mental health very badly and can cause heart disease, obesity and depression.

India has been the second most sleep-deprived country after Japan. Doctors recommend that at least 8 hours of sleep is needed by an average adult. It may vary on the basis of age group.

The report Great Indian sleep scorecard by Wafefit shows that 87% percent of Indians use phones before sleeping which is the major cause of sleep deprivation. The report shows that the no. of people who feel sleepy in working hours is increasing.

This is how people are reacting on the video of wake fit on twitter.

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