Dreams are precious and must not be neglected, as Aanchal Dhara will tell you.


In an attempt to promote the importance of passion, photographer Aanchal Dhara and her ad-filmmaker husband Prashant launched an initiative called The Audacious-Project to create ‘audacious, life-changing experiences’. But with this also came the realisation that it would all be for naught if they themselves do not embark on a life-changing journey.

To undertake this life-changing experience of theirs, Dhara decided to take a slightly long walk – from Mumbai to Goa.


Aanchal and Prashant recently finished their first project, Two Feet & A Dream, a 583-km-walk from Andheri to Morjim. This seemingly impossible walk was completed over a period of 26 days. Dhara walked all the way and her support team followed in a car.

Dhara would take a 15-min break after every 7 km, get inside the car and massage her feet. This would go on every day till 6 or 7 pm. And when they would reach the hotel, she would massage and ice her feet and go off to sleep by 10:30 pm.


So, what The Audacious Project has accomplished with this feat is to show people the power of dreams while urging them to not give up.