What is common between Twitter, Facebook, AirBNB, WhatsApp, FlipKart, Ola, Housing and Practo? Yuri Milner. The owner of the fund named DST Global that has stakes in all these companies. Yuri Milner said in an interview to Samidha Sharma of the TOI, “The fate of a company boils down to its founder and his or her ambition. In many ways its pure psychology. Its hard to appreciate how difficult it is and what it means to have a daily battle where the world is against you.”

Yuri is a physicist but has grown rapidly with his Fund DST Global making the right Internet Tech Investments since 2009. He has recently also been in News for investing in a project to listen to Alien voices.

DST Global has made a 24 fold return on the dollar 1Bn investment in Facebook. DST Global has already invested $275Mln on Flipkart and $225Mln on OLA cabs. Yuri Visited India recently causing a flurry of action in the Internet circle and startups.

Milner’s Alien communication project called the Breakthrough Initiatives also has a Global contest for creating a Message for the Aliens. Interested? Click here http://www.breakthroughinitiatives.org/