Have you ever given a thought that who is Angel Priya ? How come she has so many followers ? and what does she plan do with these followers ?

Angel Priya and Princess Pooja do not exist in real, they are fake names behind which people hide and operate to make money.

Making money through fake user accounts has become a convenient source of income these days, all one has to do is to create an account, use an attractive female image, select a fake name and people from all corners of the world will start following this account. The owners of these accounts promote and advertise other pages and products among their followers and earn money. Facebook suffers financial losses because of this and such financial transactions also act as add-ons to the Black Economy.

These accounts are also the cause for various cyber crimes, cons and mal practices that happen in India through social media.

It seems that Facebook India is very soon going to make it manadatory for new users to register their details from Aadhar Card.

Facebook wants Indians to use authentic names for their profiles as an initiative to reduce fake user accounts. India is the second largest customer base for facebook in the world, reducing the number of fake Indian accounts will definitely lower down the statistics of Cyber Crimes and help people connect with their friends and relatives easily.

Linking Aadhar Card to various services is now an ongoing trend in India, although the process is facing some challenges but with respect to the benefits people will get, the challenges are worth it.

Facebook officially confirmed that the concept in now in testing phase and very soon going to be implemented on a large scale in India. Many new users have reported that they have encountered the option to enter the name on Aadhar while signing up on Facebook from the facebook mobile site.

This means that the Angel Priyas and Princess Poojas would have to think of something else to increase their followers and find a different source of income.

Although  this will lead to many heartbreaks among the thousands of followers of Angel Priya and Princess Pooja but black money market in social media will come to a halt, at least in India as a start.

Facebook says that this step will be advantageous for people since it is easy to find friends and family with real names and details.

The demise of Angel Priya and Princess Pooja today may lead to death of cyber crimes and malpractices some day.