Mark Zuckerberg finally describe why he wants to merge, WhatsApp, Instagram’s and Messenger
The separation between Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram’s is about to get even blurrier.
Speaking throughout the company’s quarterly earnings call Zuckerberg established that Facebook wants to make it easier to send messages across its apps, but advise that it would be an “a 2020 thing or beyond.”
“We’re really early in thinking through this. There’s a lot more we need to integer out before we conclude the plan,” Zuckerberg said.
Still, the CEO offered a clarification of why the company wants to merge the apps’ underlying underpinning.
“The first reason I’m intoxicated is moving more to end to end encode by default in our products. People like this in WhatsApp. I think it’s the guardianship we should be going in. I think there’s a chance to have encryption work in a reconcilable way across the things that
Zuckerberg also noted that there would be practical benefits to authorize people to send messages between apps. In countries where WhatsApp is commanding, for example, being able to message a Facebook Marketplace seller via WhatsApp instead of Messenger might be more appropriate. He also said the “tens of millions” Android users who currently use Messenger as their default SMS app would benefit from having cypher enabled as a non-remittance.