Hindustan Times@HindustanTimes tweeted : “KBC 13 contestant Gyaan Raj says prize money is not enough but will help”

“The prize money is not enough to fulfil my dreams. But it will be of some help. We have been postponing my mother’s eye surgery for long, due to financial stress. I will use the money to get mom’s eye surgery done. There are so many things that I want to do, I am trying my best. My school needs so many facilities, we could fund some of those as well.”  Gyan Raj told to the Hindustan Times.

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Talking about his childhood, Gyaan Raj said, “My mom is a teacher and I had an environment which was all about studies, at home. When I was in Class 2, my father bought me a computer. That was a unique thing because no one around me had a computer, in fact no one in a radius of 10-12 kms had a computer back then. This was in 2004. People used to visit us and see how a computer looks, there would be people who needed some work to be done on the computer. It felt very nice. Even political leaders used to visit us to send emails. It all felt very nice and I wanted to be a computer engineer.”