E-commerce sites should contain features that should be advantageous to both your company and customers. The combination of these features turn out to be fruitful.

The website development requires a professional developer, an experienced developer will know how to combine the cause of your business website with what the customers are looking for. An e-commerce business can’t be successful without the technical guidance of an experienced developer.

Here are some important features that have to be kept in mind while going for e-commerce website development.

Designing and Interface

The interface of an e-commerce site is what increases the sales of the products. Well designed interface leave a lasting impression on the minds of the customers is must. The interface depends upon the cause of the business and the customers that are to be targeted, the site can adapt it’s components to suite the corporate identity and style of the business.


Managing Products

The product addition and managing should be easy, the site should be made in such a manner that adding products, removing them, categorizing them etc should be easy and efficient. Product details pdf’s option should be there for better understanding of customers.  The cutomer should be able to look at the images of the products from all angles, zooming into the image option should be there.

Product features options should be there listed on the site such as colour, size, weight. Other product status options such  as Available, Out of stock should be there. Images of the products from different views and perspectives should be there.


Payement Gateways

The purchase process from the site will increase if more payement gateways are integrated with the site, more type of payement options will help increase the customer base from different economic partitions of the society. Some examples of payement gateways and integrations already existing in the market are Cash on Delivery, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Transfer etc.


Integrated Purchase

The order placement pages and the checkout pages should be all integrated with each other. The customer should be given the previlige of adding or removing products at the time of billing or any other intermediate step while performing a purchase.


Auto-Location Detection

The location of a customer making a purchase can be detected automatically, this makes the shipping process easier,also the billing information entering becomes easier for the customer.


Responsive Nature

Most of the e-commerce purchase are made by customers via mobile devices, people
prefer to window shop while laying down on their beds and couches.
Mobile purchases are more convenient for customers as the purchase can be done from anywhere i.e office, home, public transport or a party. If the e-commerce site does not have an efficient mobile interface aka responsive interface, there are high chances of losing customers, one should make available all the features of the computer version on mobile devices. High bounce rates are seen if customers are not able to view the products on different screen sizes.

Site Traversing Speed

People who go for e-commerce usually are the ones that want to save their time as compared to the case of visiting stores physically and purchasing. The complete process cycle of customers from visiting the site, searching the product till billing and checkout should all take place at a high speed. The e-commerce sites store a lot of details and info about the product range available, reloading the site when a customer comes back to the same page will take a lot of time, so speed is a much important factor to be looked at, the developer has to use technologies that make the process of traversing the site easy.


Shipping Details

Locations and destinations where shipping option is not available should be specified. The customers should be given the option to have different billing and shipping address.
Information related to shipping such as Free Shipping, International Shipping, Local Delivery etc should be available clearly.

Calculation of Tax

With auto detection of location, the process of tax calculation can also be automated using plugins, this is the task of the developer again. There are some taxes that are applied on the basis of locations, they can be specified to the customer. Show the customers that tax rates are standard.


SEO Integration

Efficient Website Marketing is carried out with the help of SEO Integration, tools and data gets embedded in the site which helps in bringing more data traffic on your website.


Social Media

Social Media integration increases the web traffic on your site, IT marketing today is incomplete without social media promotion. People get to know the business and become aware of the company before performing any purchases, this helps in increasing the web traffic. Purchasing from someone whom they know make the cutomers more comfortable. Options should be available to share the products and features of the ecommerce website on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.