Corporate websites differ from other websites, the design of corporate websites show that the requirements for the final product are not the same as are in case of websites used to sell products and services.

Today you will find every business online, whatsoever is the domain of the company let it be any product or service, it can grow only if the customer base increases with time, a website building is a must step for increasing the customer base, people can know you sitting at home, the website has to be professional and trendy as that will help influence more and more people and add to customer base.

First of all a website should have a interesting and catchy URL, it is the name of your business online, people remember the website by it’s name so select a good URL, also the URL should be synonymous with the cause of your business, avoid using tough spellings so that it is easy for customers to remember your name. Make sure you are also available on social media.

After selecting a URL comes the website building. Here are some points to be touched upon while creating a website.


Business Goal


A corporate website should clearly state the mission and goal of the company, the target audience and web visitors should at  the first visual understand the cause of business.


Brand Awareness

The website design should be in sync with the brand. The aura of the website should move parallel with the brand. The colour scheme followed, graphics used must have relevance with the business logo and cause, Brand will become more infulencive if the website is properly aligned with the business logo and theem of the company’s services and stationary brochures.


Accurate Content

The content of the site should be to the point. Most corporate website visitors looking for a product or service visit your website for a very short period of time because they have to cover other sites also as a part of market research, keep the content of your site short and clear. This leads to efficient communication. Avoid making grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and instead of detailing each service try to list all the services


Easily Visible Contact Information

There are various company websites online which have created their websites with professional expertise, have succeeded in retaining the website visitors but contacting them is a tedious task for the vistors, the contact details are not clearly specified. In some cases the contact details are there but not easily visible. The question arises here that what is the point of creating good corporate websites if contacting the business is a difficult task. This leads to a negative impact on the customers.

Persuasive Testimonials

Website Visitors looking for products or services check the feedbacks of other customers. Feedbacks and testimonials related to the main products and services should always be mentioned on the site. Testimonials leave a positive impact on Website visitors. Avoid using fake testimonials because experienced website visiting customers recognize them. Testimonials serve for on page marketing.

Easy Navigation

The website should be easily navigable, from Product Listing, Services listing to contact page, everything should be located at a couple of clicks for the visitor. One should often visit his own site, navigate it to check the customer experience the site provides.

Responsive Version

Web visitors on any website these days are mostly smartphones and mobile device users. Mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more convenient and constitute for most of the web traffic on any site. The interface of websites for mobile devices is called Responsive Version. The Responsive version should be equally good as the computer version.


Social Media Promotion

The company website should be integrated with the social media platforms, presence on social media is something that every business follows, this presence can be reflected using the company websites. Website visiting traffic will be directed towards the social media pages and customer base will definitely increase.


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The author is an experienced digital media professional having experience of more than 25 years in leadership roles at several leading internet and media companies in India.